In the Garden Again

Today’s the first day of daylight savings time (yay!). It was also the first gardening day of the season for me.

We had very little snow this winter, but a lot of windy weather, so there were many downed branches to pick up. I also cut down the ornamental grasses that I left standing over the winter for visual interest, and dealt with the damage that some tunneling creature created around my compost bin. I have a terrible feeling that whatever it was ate the lily bulbs I had in that area. We shall see.

All my bulbs are poking their heads up, and my hellebores are showing their snouts. I’ve even got some crocuses ready to bloom in sheltered spots.

I love this time of year; it’s so full of promise. I love the prospect of returning to the outdoors after a winter spent largely inside (a stress fracture in my foot has kept me mostly housebound). I love the meditative quality that gardening holds for me–minutes or hours when I’m fully present in the moment, neither ruminating on the past or worrying about the future. Not thinking, not planning–just doing.


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