Pictures From My Garden

These photos were taken in late May–not a lot in bloom yet, but plenty of variety in foliage shape, texture, and color. In my part-shade garden, foliage is the backbone.

This is a photo-stitch, so it’s not quite accurate, but it gives you an impression (click on the images for larger views):

My back garden, viewed from the house

You’re standing at the right rear corner of the photo above, next to the garage, looking left:

A view from the bench at the left rear corner of the back garden:

Standing at the rear of the back garden, looking toward the right corner:

One of the foundation beds at the front of the house:

The bed by the driveway, to the right of the house (can you tell I love hostas?)

A color combination I especially like, showing that you really don’t need flowers to make your garden pop:

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    8 comments to Pictures From My Garden

    • Victoria Strauss

      Thanks, Catherine. I used to do vegetable gardening, but gave it up when we moved to Massachusetts–too much shade in my yard. Now I just grow perennials. Sometimes I miss having fresh tomatoes–but not the inevitable over-abundance of zucchini!

    • Beautiful garden! It makes me want to post some of mine. Have fun gardening. I’ve got lots of lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, parsnips and pumpkins planted. Celery too. Good salad fixings.

    • Victoria Strauss

      Beverly–I do it all myself, with occasional help from my husband. Because I’ve been maintaining it so long and have a routine, it’s not as much work as you might think–three big pushes over the season (rearranging and dividing in spring, mulching with ground-up leaves in early summer, taking it all down in fall), and then miscellaneous deadheading and staking and grooming. The only chore I don’t love is the mulching–but it means there’s almost no weeding, and it builds up the soil.

      It does take many hours to keep it going–but I love doing it. It’s both creative and meditative…and I get to look out my windows at something beautiful every day.

    • What a lovely garden, the perfect place to read and/or write. Do you do all the gardening yourself? I bet it takes hours to keep it so beautiful.

    • Victoria Strauss

      Thanks, Kelly. I often sit on the bench and daydream plot points.

    • Beautiful. I’d love to sit on that bench and write.

    • Victoria Strauss

      I’m glad you enjoyed the photos. In New England, rocks are a fact of gardening life–it’s one reason why there are so many old stone walls in this region. A lot of the rocks in my borders were dug up as I was expanding the garden, but many of them we’ve collected on our travels.

      I’m not much of a planner, so the garden has gradually grown to its current state over a period of 12 years, starting as foundation plantings and one smallish bed by the side of the garage. My husband wants to get rid of the lawn entirely, but I’m about at my limit for garden maintenance, so I’m thinking it’s going to stay pretty much at its current size, and not grow any larger.

    • What a beautiful garden! It’s a very welcoming and soft yard. I’ve been playing with many ideas while planning our back/side/front yard landscaping which include a vegetable garden, flower garden, and herb garden. I think you’re correct, you don’t need flowers to add pops of color in your garden. Love the hostas! I also love the rocks you used as a border for both the plants and the walkway, great idea. Unfortunately, I’d have to buy those rocks since I live in Florida. Sand abounds but not many rocks in our area, none in our yard. lol Thank you for sharing these gorgeous photos! :)

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