PublishAmerica Is Now America Star Books

UPDATE 8/2017: PublishAmerica/America Star Books has closed down, with no official announcement and without terminating contracts or returning authors’ rights. See my followup post.

Posted by Victoria Strauss for Writer Beware

PublishAmerica has a new name: America Star Books. The PublishAmerica URL ( now defaults to the America Star Books website.

The changeover is acknowledged on America Star’s website, on the About Us page:

America Star Books used to be known as PublishAmerica, the no-nonsense, hard driving pioneer that changed the American publishing landscape for good when in 1999 it forced an opening for tens of thousands of American authors to join what was until then an elite status of being published for free.

The name change is recent: sometime after January 4, 2014, which is the last date the old PublishAmerica website was archived by the Internet Archive. The America Star Books URL is registered to PublishAmerica’s co-founder, Willem Meiners; since I first put this post online, the registration has been anonymized, but here’s how it originally looked:

Some of the material from the PA website has been ported over, such as the Facts and Figures page, but overall the new site is much leaner than the former one.

The business model also appears to have changed:

Not only do we continue to publish, for free, tens of thousands of American and Canadian authors, but to that we add a unique mission.

It is our mission to translate into English books that Americans have never heard of, from languages that most Americans don’t speak. America Star Books gives foreign authors an English voice, and publishes their work in the United States, Canada, and Great Britain.

A Dutch self-publishing service called Free Musketeers appears to have already entered into an arrangement with America Star to publish English versions of its books. (The link is to the Google translation of the page, which is why the English is a bit wonky.)

For more information about PublishAmerica, see Writer Beware’s Alert.

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    72 comments to PublishAmerica Is Now America Star Books

    • Victoria Strauss

      Paula, PublishAmerica, a.k.a. America Star Books, is out of business, as of sometime this past fall. Unfortunately, it disappeared without any official announcement, and without terminating contracts or returning authors’ rights. For more information, please see my post:

    • Paula Stamps

      I have a children’s book called Learning Makes Friends Fun. It was published through Publish America and I need copies. I can’t find any phone numbers for them at all. Can you please help me.
      Thank you, Paula Stamps

    • Victoria Strauss

      Shizuko Koster,

      I fully understand why you want to do this, and PublishAmerica/America Star Books is indeed out of business. But they went out of business without issuing any formal notification, or returning authors rights. Technically, your contract is still in force.

      The problem isn’t that PA/ASB would go after you if you published elsewhere. It’s that a new publisher will not want to take a chance on a book whose rights aren’t unambiguously free and clear. Even self-publishing platforms like CreateSpace require you to warrant that you have the unencumbered right to publish–which, as long as there may be a contract still in force, is an open question.

      In order to be able to re-publish your book, you need to convince online retailers such as Amazon to take down your book listing (especially if, as is the case for many PA/ASB authors, the ebook version of your book is still on sale). Otherwise, you could get in trouble with your new publisher/self-publishing platform.

    • Shizuko O. Koster officially rescinds any contract with Publish America or its successors due to poor service and limited royalties on a book that received an average of 4.5 stars by an award-winning author. I retain the copyright and the right to re-print the same book elsewhere.

    • Please contact me about why my book was pulled from sales on amazon and e-bay. He was only fourteen: Peck by C.J.Todd.

    • Jerilynn L Franklin

      They published two of my books in 2007 and I want copies of these books no longer available in book stores or online.

    • Michael M. Toby

      Publish America published my book “Grief Relief “, in 2007. A few checks were received for royalties. No new actions or contacts. Do still control my copyright? Am I now free to seek a new publishet?

    • Sherry

      Is America Star Books, formerly PublishAmerica, finally closed? The website URL leads to a web-hosting site. It would be great if they completely went out of business or were shut down!

    • Victoria Strauss

      I’m not aware that PublishAmerica/America Star Books has any other companies. Please come back to let us know how your small claims court case turns out. You can also email me directly via the contact form. Thanks!

    • tracet

      I am filing a lawsuit in calif small claims for $10,000. I signed my contract there so I can sue them here. Anyway, I was wondering if they had a sister company that was a POD. I thought I saw it somewhere in one of these posts and can’t find it here. Anyway, if they do have a second company, that would certainly be conflict of interest.

    • Joan Edmonds

      Thank you for taking the time to reply, Matthew. I will have to think of what to do next. I’d much rather spend the time writing. kind regards, Joan Edmonds

    • Matthew Wright

      Don’t pay them. You should wait until your contract expires. The buy back the rights is a scam. They have publishing rights under the title. Change the title and get a new cover and publish it elsewhere. Don’t pay PA/ASB a single penny for anything, they do not live up to their agreements. Send them a certified letter that states explicitly that, once your contract is up, you do not intend to renew it, and that they will be in violation of your copyright if they sell, list, present or otherwise represent your book after that date. The instant your contract expires, confirm that they have removed your listing. If they don’t, get a lawyer. My own contract is up soon, I have sent them the cancellation notice (which, of course, they replied to in a negative way) and will be sure to file a dispute if they keep publishing my work after the contract is up. I have read cases in which they continue to sell authors books without authority. These people are pure and simple scam artists hiding as legitimate book publishers. Good luck.

    • Victoria Strauss

      Joanne, will ASB take Paypal? Or how about a certified check?

    • I am trying to buy back my novel With Just Cause from ASB.It will cost 99 dollars as that is an offer at present before it goes up to 299 dollars. No one will let me transfer the money. A money order requires a signature the other end and they do not offer that. Western Union will not send it as they need a recipient signature and there is no one to sign for the money. So I will not be able to get back my book. The money could go missing as it is not endorsed by ASB at all. I am trying to find a bank, who will do it properly for me, but cannot. Tearing my hair out is putting it mildly.
      Has anyone any idea what to do, remembering it has to be signed for, etc. as the money order could go ‘missing’otherwise. Thanks for any ideas. Joanne Edmonds

    • Victoria Strauss


      I’m sorry you’ve had an unsatisfactory experience with PA (though as I’m sure you know, you’re not alone).

      I believe PA has a threshold for cutting checks–the total amount of royalties due must be over $25 or $50 (I can’t remember off the top of my head). That could explain why you haven’t yet gotten a check (although there are many other possible reasons, including slipshod accounting). As for the “spend money” solicitations and the lack of response to questions…based on all the complaints out there, that appears to be SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for PA.

    • Jim Porto

      I ha dmy book published through them, June, 2014. I have yet to receive a royalty statement or royalty check. They do not return my calls or my emails, yet constantly send me emails with messages like, “Pay us money and your book will be featured in such and such.” I just want a royalty check, even if it is just $1.00, or for them to return my calls.

    • jeremy

      I am transitioning my book Strength of Love and I have developed a full marketing application to my book. I like most authors are looking for a chance to be published, Publish America /way America Star Books are not the logical opportunity if one wants to become a Published Author.

    • Victoria Strauss

      Thanks for posting, Jeremy. Your story is very similar to many others I’ve heard from PA authors–so if it’s any comfort, you’re not alone. I’m sorry you had such a disappointing experience.

    • Jeremy

      I published my children’s poetry book with Publish America in 2012, I had to purchase my own books to obtain sales. In the two years no royalty was obtained, I wanted to purchase my rights back for $99.00 to assure they kept to their word I got the local news involved. I got my right’s back in 2014.

    • Victoria Strauss


      Can you email me, please (beware [at] ). I’d like to see a copy of your original contract, your emails to them asking for your rights back, the email they sent you about the renewal, and the email asking for $299. All information shared with Writer Beware is held in confidence. Please do get in touch with me. Thanks.

    • wanda yarbrough

      I got my nook published in 2008 with PA I signed contract in April of 2008. I received their dollar in advance in May, and haven’t gotten but 3 bucks since in checks. That was years ago. I want my rights back so I started contacting them three months in advance like contract says, which was Jan of this year. They wrote back that they had already renewed and I signed it in Jan 08. I didn’t . They have proof of this in my contract. My contract was dated FEB 25 2008, and they mailed it the 26th, It didnt even get to me til march and I didnt sign it to April. I think me and my witness know when we signed it. They mailed the dollar back May 5. I told them all of this and told them to look at their copy of my contract. They were very rude and still want 299.00 to give me my rights back. I have seen on Amazon where my book is selling. That is why they are keeping it.I am poor I cant afford a lawyer and if I had one and paid them it still doesnt mean I would get them back. What should i do. Call Dr Phil up? That’s the show I found them on. Just asking, or let it go and find a new one.please help.

    • Edward Saint-Ivan

      I received an e/mail asking if I want my contract renewed and I happily renewed it. Just like you said, they repeatedly offered me the opportunity to buy back rights to my book and the answer is ALWAYS in the negative.

    • Victoria Strauss


      The PA contracts I’ve seen provide for automatic renewal unless you send written notice of termination prior to the termination date. They don’t say anything about termination being contingent on payment. However, PA does give authors the “opportunity” to pay to terminate their contracts, and I’ve heard from authors who got pay-to-terminate offers shortly before their contracts expired.

      Did you send PA a termination email or letter? If so, and you sent it within the time period specified in the contract, your rights should have reverted as soon as the termination date was past. If you didn’t send any sort of notice, or didn’t send it within the proper time period, the contract would have renewed automatically (but that has nothing to do with whether you paid a fee or not).

      The problem with self-publishing a book when a publisher still holds your rights isn’t just that the publisher might make trouble for you, but that any self-publishing platform will require you to warrant that you have the right to publish–which you don’t, as long as an exclusive contract with another publisher is in effect.

      If you like, I’ll take a look at your contract and give you an (non-legal: I’m not a lawyer) opinion. Please email me, either through my contact form here or at beware [at]

    • Tres Sylvest

      I published my first book with PA in 2003. For the first 2 years, It seemed a dream come true. My book was in print, I was getting paid on time, PA seemed to be doing just what they said they would. However, about the time I was ready to release the second book in the series, I started to notice things. Books that I KNEW to be purchased were not showing of my royalty statements. Inquiries to customer service … well you’ve already read about those. Then the royalties and the statements simply stopped coming. I decided to hold the rest of the my series until my contract lapsed in order to take the entire series to a different publisher and format. Now I am being informed that my contract was “automatically renewed” since I didn’t PAY them to release it. There was NOTHING in my original contract about termination fees or automatic renewal. How can they even think to get away with that? And if I do try to self publish a revised version, can they really cause trouble? Thanks for your thoughts on this matter.

    • Victoria Strauss

      It’s true that author-as-customer is the norm for self-publishing services. But PA presents itself as a publisher. Publishers–reputable ones, anyway–make money by selling books to the public, not to their own authors.

      I won’t argue your other points; I’ll just say that there’s ample information online that paints a very different picture (as do the many complaints Writer Beware has received over the years).

    • Edward Saint-Ivan

      Every POD in the universe makes authors into customers. Only PA/ASB makes money on the backside. Since this model is VERY risky nobody else is doing it. The fiasco with JK Rowling is deplorable but is a direct result of the companies naivete and good intentions gone bad. Every other POD never had good intentions.

    • Victoria Strauss

      The discount is minimal (30% if I’m not mistaken–the same as services such as AuthorHouse) and the books are hugely overpriced, especially at longer lengths. Many PA authors have reported selling at a loss just to get the price down to a level that’s equivalent with other publishers’ books. PA also tacks on huge shipping charges, further increasing its profit. This is not generosity: it’s PA’s way of turning its authors into customers.

    • Edward Saint-Ivan

      Please don’t hate me for repeating my point but the fact someone could buy over 100 books at discount and re-sale them for a profit shows the generosity of this company. They really are more generous then most PODs.

    • Victoria Strauss

      Edward, thanks for your comment. I’m glad your experience with PA has been good.

      While you didn’t pay to publish, I’m wondering if you bought any of the many “extras” PA offers, or if you bought your own books in response to one of their solicitations. Thanks again!

    • yes ,you might have had some good from from Pa/american star books !!! but it won’t continue believe me!!!!they are scum!!!there are thousands of authors out there who have been scammed, threatened, thier rudeness is unbelieable!!! I have four years of examples, written proof, c and d emails. copies of porn e-mails from their lawyer. endless promo frauds that were investigated and proven to be fake. I have worked with authors all over the world, countless complaints with merit.Two radio stations were threatened with legal action for speaking the truth.The list goes on and on. My computer has been hacked three times. Even to this day I recieve bogus e-mails, at least three times a day .So good luck to you .You will need it the longer you are under contract with them.You need to be in contact with the latest authors ,one from Spain one from Ireland and two others from England.I am Paula Commerford and I have helped 15 authors get out of contracts with them, I am proud of that and I will continue to do so.not counting the many many authors we signed up for the last lawsuit. Tell me why Pa settled out of court and were fined a big fine? because they were such a upright outsanding publishing company ????

    • Edward Saint-Ivan

      I have had nothing but good experiences with PublishAmerica/America Star Books. Paul Klein’s comments show his overall satisfaction with PA and that speaks well for them. Even if I could make more money with a vanity publisher, I would never ever do it. Thanks to PA, I am a published author that had to make revisions to get published and NEVER paid to be published.
      In spite of my deep gratitude to them, I strongly condemn them for making offers they can’t fulfill.

    • King

      So if my book been sitting on a shelf for over 4 years and not making any sales, then they need to pull them off the shelves, wouldn’t you say! That’s not possible, like I said in my post, I have FRIENDS,FAMILY AND CUSTOMERS who has bought by book, so what you are saying, don’t make any sense to me. So tell me where is the MONEY that these customers bought my book? how is it they these people from different states and countries can quote me word by word of what’s in my book? So I don’t believe that at all and no body is going to make me think any different. Also,I have marketed my book for years, so tell me again, where is the MONEY??? So is that still UNLIKELY?

    • Victoria Strauss


      I’ve heard from many authors who believe PA is deliberately withholding royalties, but in my opinion, that’s unlikely. Although your book is listed for sale in many venues, these venues don’t actually have your book in stock–they just list ISBNs, and if someone places an order, they then get hold of a copy. In other words, simply seeing your book listed for sale doesn’t mean there actually are any sales. And since PA doesn’t do any meaningful promotion or marketing for its books, sales for the most part are tiny,other than copies bought by the authors themselves.

    • King

      I have been trying for the past four(4) years since I published my book with (PA) to get my royalties but had no luck but rudeness.I really wished I had done my research on them before submitting my work to them.I have NOT received not one red cent from them.Here are just some of the emails I received back from them.
      (Now here is the email sent from Publish America;laughable threat ignored,No, you have not contacted “local authorities,” whatever that means. No, this is not your fourth attempt. No, you are not demanding anything at all. Please see a lawyer before sending us such nonsense in the future. Your message is not even coherent. We are not mind readers. Do not send us such nonsense again. You don’t even tell us what you want. What is your question? Thank you, PublishAmerica Support list goes on and on. This is a lesson learned but I am going to keep trying to fight them because from looking at all the states and countries I see my book on sale at, I know I made a healthy mount of money and they are holding back and it’s not fair to me and others they have scammed out here. Please take heave and don’t walk in my foot steps when it comes to something that sounds so good but not. As the saying goes, if it’s to good to be real, then it’s not. I like to here from others and what they have done about this

    • Andrew London

      Author beware,
      PublishAmerica (and any other company name by which they call themselves) is a scam company. They sucker the poor starving author in, publish the books (for free), and then give the book ZERO marketing support. When the sales do not happen, and the author asks why, they con the author into pay tons of money for marketing and advertising, which does NOT do anything for sales. They then try to further the con by getting the author to buy at least 100 copies of their own books, to sell out of the trunk of their car. They are a very unprofessional company. I know this because I was one of many thousands of authors that got duped. When I called them on this, they immediately took my books “out of print.” Heck, they never had my books in print! They are a joke.

    • Victoria Strauss


      I’ve gotten a bunch of questions about Page Publishing–which, despite the claims on its website, is a vanity publisher charging exorbitant fees. You did right to steer clear.

      If you want to self-publish (as opposed to submitting to a traditional children’s publisher), I’d suggest starting by looking at the free or low-cost services, including Createspace and IngramSpark if you want to do print as well as ebooks, and Smashwords and the direct-to-ereading-device services (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo) if you want to do an ebook only.

      Some self-publishing services claim to specialize in particular genres (such as self-help) or markets (such as the Christian market). This really isn’t meaningful, however. Services of this type do no targeted marketing (unless you buy it individually) and they all use the same distribution channels.

      There’s much more info, as well as links to helpful resources, at the Self-Publishing page of Writer Beware.

    • CreateSpace, if you have MS Word as your platform, is easy, free and fast. Books are reasonably priced to the author, and inexpensive to the general public.It does require work on the author’s part, but the help they provide is excellent (in my experience) and fast.

    • shellie

      I am a preschool teacher on a tight income.. i have written a cute childrens story and have been trying to publish it.. I do not know what company to use… Page Publishing liked my manuscript and wanted to publish but the agreement they sent asked for close to $6000!!! Needless to say no contracts were signed.. any help to find a good LEGIT company would be so appreciated… I have no dreams of becoming rich… just want to see my story in book form for my class and nieces and nephews :(

    • I work alone, But I will support anyone who is fighting PA/America Star Books.My maine blog is
      I have blogs and post all over the internet.

    • They have not changed thier business tactics even with the new name change, They are a bad company, I have been at them with every resourse I can come up with. Just now I have two new complaints from Ireland and Spain.Hopefully in time there will be another lawsuit. They have to be put out of business,if ypu are receiving promos from them, could you send them to me ? I investigate them fully and have caught them in quite a few scams—like The JK Rollings thing,Disney, and manybooks fairs.

    • The “new” company doesn’t seem to have a new business plan, but it does have people who work the phones. After about two years of hearing nothing from them, and looking on the website to find deals for authors to buy our own books, I had a call a week or so ago from them. The purpose of the call was to sell me a “deal” to make the last (in every way) book I did with them into an e-book. Somehow, it turns out, they never recorded the change of email address I put in two years ago. And more importantly, the business office hadn’t read the contract or the email exchanges I had at the time (2010), in which I asked for (and got) all electronic rights. I subsequently went on to put the book up on Kindle myself. It also turns out that they had been sending royalty reports to my old email. The royalty department contacted me and said the last reports, and as many as they could go back to, would be along in a short time. Hasn’t happened yet, but that was only last week.

      More than that, after saying I thought that the books were too expensive now, and that with no incentive, I couldn’t afford to buy them (paying list price for every copy plus nearly $6 per copy to ship), and resell them at even list price (I have a few independent bookstores that carry my books). I was offered what I was told was an author’s incentive of $5.55 per book for ten or more, any mix of titles, and no shipping. Well, that allows me to resell them and equates well with my costs for my newest book published using CreateSpace and Kindle. If indeed they have a business plan that works to my advantage, that’s fine, but the list prices are still, in my mind, too high for a paperback of 150-250 pages. My CreateSpace-published book retails for $9.95, and I am moving them. I won’t go back to PA/ASB because the CreateSPace program works well, and I have in-house graphics and cover design capability. But I do find it interesting that there is an awareness that some things need changing at the new/old company.

    • Matthew

      I have been a PA author since 2008, and have had repeated emails with them concerning their non-performance. The tone of their responses has been threatening, abusive, in denial, and generally very evil. I have made repeated demands to be released from the contract because of the fraudulent nature of their business, and have gotten nowhere. I am planning to wait until the day my contract ends in 2016, and then see if they actually take my book down from their website and from If, after a few days, it doesn’t disappear, I will see them in court.

      I’ve submitted a RipOffReport recently on them, quoting their emails, and requesting assistance from an attorney. Hopefully something will come of that.

      I’ve never been more insulted in my entire life, and, thankfully, have kept every abusive email they’ve ever sent me. They even offered me my own book back to me for $500. I originally sent them the PDF with my own typesetting and layout, declined their re-typesetting, and now they claim it is their own and that, when my contract ends, I will only have the rights to the raw text (word content) of the book, but NOT the PDF that I originated. They have no right to sell me my own content.

    • UPDATE: I was recently contacted by America Star, seeking to update my records. Turns out they have had an incorrect email address (I had submitted a change two years ago), and had been sending information to the old email. We corrected that. I also discovered that they had my author name two ways, which accounted for their not having any record of me in part of the data base. MOST IMPORTANTLY: I can buy copies of my own books for $5.55 cents, with free shipping! Now that is a major step toward reality. They still have a high price if you buy directly from them and are not the author, but at the price I can pay now, I can afford to resupply the few independent bookstores that carry my books and sell them at a reasonable price. The $5.55 price tracks well with my CreateSpace-published book, Unusual Suspects:Four Stories, that I recently released as both a paperback and a Kindle. I’m not promoting the revised company, only suggesting that perhaps some reality has crept into their business model. At this point, I’m more than pleased with being my own publisher.

    • Victoria Strauss


      This website isn’t connected with PublishAmerica / America Star Books. If you want to buy books from this company, you’ll need to contact it directly.

    • Please send information about how to purchase my book that I wrote title Broken but Repairable by Priscilla Lockhart. I would like purchase 3 copies of my book.

    • I wrote s book Broken but Repairable by Priscilla Lockhart. I would like to purchase my book.I thought I would get a free copy but didn’t. So can I get information on how to purchase my book please.

    • Paul Klein

      My first novel was published by PA in 2007. Over time I bought (at discount) over 100 books, which I have sold at signings and through independent booksellers. A few (not many) have sold directly from PA and on Amazon. But I had to stop resupplying local outlets because PA stopped selling them to me at less than list, plus what is now nearly $6/book shipping, regardless of the number I would order. I published a second book with them three years later and it doesn’t even come up on the PA website now! It is still available from Ingram, as is the first one, at a slight discount (and no shipping) to retailers. I missed the window to cancel the contract on the first book, but you can be sure I will not on the second one. And my newest book is on Amazon, via CreateSpace, and a realistic price that has a shipping cost that goes down the more I order. I figured that since I have to do all the work, I might as well do it and reap the rewards. Regardless of who publishes your work, you will still be responsible for promoting and selling it, unless you already have a “name.”

    • Victoria Strauss


      As far as I know, there’s no right of withdrawal in the USA.

      Unfortunately, I suspect that since you signed the contract, you’re stuck. Unless the ASB contracts are radically different from the PA contracts I’ve seen, you’ve granted exclusive publication rights for between seven and ten years. You could refuse to send them the manuscript, in which case they wouldn’t be able to publish it–nor would they be able to take legal action against you–but you wouldn’t be able to publish or self-publish anywhere else.

      If you’d be willing to share your contract with me, I’d glad to give you a non-legal (I’m not a lawyer) analysis. Email me at beware [at] All information shared with Writer Beware are held in confidence.

    • Contact this publisher—–tell them you have decided it was a a error to have signed contracts with them due to the bad reports on the internet. Do not sent them anything. They will respond with threats and try to scare you.
      If you like you can send me copies of their response ––I will help you handle them. I have been doing this for four years now , I know all their tricks

    • Vincenzo

      Italian law gives the customer the “right of withdrawal”, that is the possibility for one of the two contracting parts to get out of a contract unilaterally, without penalties, within 7 days from the signing of the contract. Is there a similar law in US?
      I am still in time to write to ASB requesting to get out of the contract (by 05/22/14).

      Thank you again

    • Vincenzo

      Hi, I am an italian author. On may 15th I received the ABS proposal of translating my books from italian to english. Foolishly I signed the contract and then discovered all that bad things about ABS and the former PA.
      Now, what if I do not send them my works? Do you think they could take legal action against me?
      I hoped to translate my works in english but it is not so important for me if it comes real or not.
      So: I signed the contract for 3 books. I did not send them the works yet, nor my phone number or my address.
      What, in your opinion, is the best way for me to escape this threat?
      Thanks in advance (and sorry for my poor english)

    • C Castillo

      I would not go with America Star Books. They are a scam. I would do my research if I was you. I would use this company or find another company. Please do yourself a favor and look up America Star Books on the Better Business Bureau. Here goes their report on the BBB website I would also go to this website and check out the reviews

      This company ” America Star Books” was previously named ” Publish America” please do your research before you decide to publish your book for any company. I publish my book through Publish America and it was the worst decision I have made in my life….Please look at the reviews and this page it says it all. Your friends must work for company or they must not have read reviews.

    • I am very interested in american star books. As a new aspiring author i need someone to help with publising, and i have heard rave reveiws from friends who have had positive experiences with american star books and i hope to be contacted soon. my number is 3232408864. I anxiously await your contact. Thanking you in advance Richard hiolmes.

    • Victoria Strauss

      According to my most recent information, the street address is:

      America Star Books LLLP
      230 East Patrick Street
      Frederick MD 21701

    • Here are three ,who knows witch ones are for real
      230 E Patrick St
      Fredicks, Md 21701

      4510 Metropolition Ct

      111 Church St

    • Does anyone have a physical mailing address for America Star Books/Publish America? Thank you.

    • Victoria Strauss

      C Castillo,

      The emails you received are par for the course with PublishAmerica/America Star. They specialize in sending out incredibly rude, bullying, and abusive emails to authors who question or complain. Among PA veterans, these are known as “tone” letters (because of the frequent use of the phrase, “don’t take that tone with us.”) I know it’s upsetting–but you aren’t alone. The best course of action is not to respond.

    • C Castillo

      They treat their customers like trash. I wouldn’t recommend this company to anyone. Published a book in 2012. I contacted the company a couple of months and got some rude responses. The responses I got back are below:

      If a legitimate publisher should express interest in your work, which is doubtful, please let us know, and we will be happy to arrange a rights transfer. Remember:

      No other publishers wanted your book.
      No other publishers would give you anything at all.
      No other publishers would publish your book free of charge.
      We gave you what no other publisher would give you.

      If you want more free stuff, please do some research and let us know what other publishing company will give it to you.

      Can you find one?
      Thank you,
      America Star Books Support Team

      and this :

      Yes, thank you; we’re proud of our customer service. We actually tell the truth. Just as we thought; we were right, no other publisher wanted your book, and now you’re going to pay someone to publish your book. Someone who cares because YOU pay them.

      And, no, we do NOT have “a lot of law suits[sic].”
      And, no, we have not had “a lot of law suits[sic].”
      In fact, we don’t have ANY!

      Would you please let us know how much you’re paying?
      We’d like to tell you what you would get from us for that amount.
      Thank you,
      America Star Books Support Team

    • Yes, they should be out of business—But alas they are protected by some comsumer protection law in the state of Maryland. I have heard of some success stories but I think they only come from their employees.Even under the new name they are still doing a bad business. It is only a matter of time before it all catches up with them.I get emails everyday from angry authors– no communication, no royalities, alot of rudeness ect.

    • Lovebay

      With all these things being said about PA and American Star. Why are authors still publishing with them? Or is there a success story which others are not sharing? Surely if this company was all bad, they should have gone out of business by now…

    • Jeremy Taylor

      I became published under Publish America in 2012 my book was priced at retail for $24.95, upon ordering copies prices in shipping increased. I had a full promotional concept established to promote my book Strength of Love, upon learning the rights I gave away upon signing the contract I had to delete all aspects of promotion. I lot all aspects for promoting my book Strength of Love.

      Due to no sales I was offered an opportunity to purchase my rights back for $99 and in expression by Publish America no said record was reported. I expressed my interest that I expected Publish America to honor this agreement. Upon sensing proof of payment the action was still denied. I sought out my local news to help me get my rights back and or the fee of $99.00. Upon contact I received a threatening email that I had lied to the TV Station and I needed to express an apology or be sued.

      Upon researching the status of my book I found that my books post no longer is on the Barns-noble website, on my book is set at a retail of $169.20 significantly up from $24.95. I searched the ISBN for my book and seemingly it doesn’t exist except in form on both the Amazon and barns – nobel sites,

    • RippedOffByPA


    • Wendy Culver

      I was just going to ask how PA authors can get copies of their books? I was disgusted with PA when I was expected to pay retail price for copies of my own work, and the prices only go up everywhere I search for my book. How can I get copies? And do I still have to pay retail?

    • Kenneth P. Nash

      Just this month I placed an order for 2ea of the for books I have published. It was with the
      same person that I have ordered from before. I received an order # by email.

    • Bonnie Dilger

      I’ve written my request above. I wish to re-order my books that have been published by Publish America. My relationship with this company dates back t 2005. The books I desire to order copies of three of these. (Please see my message as above. are as documented above

    • Bonnie Dilger

      Please see above message

    • Bonnie Dilger

      Re: Guatemala: “Blood In The Cornfields,” “Guatemala: Her Pain And Her Triumph”,” Forgive Me If I Don’t Cry” and “Guatemala: Sangre En La Milpa, a Spanish translation of the first book on Guatemala. These books are already in print by Publish America, beginning in 2005. It is my wish to order more of these books and I would like to know your new policy, if any, regarding the ordering and promotion of these books. There are several posts displaying these books by various book sellers on the internet, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. They can be found by google under the names of the books, or simply by typing my name, Bonnie Dilger For the most part, as you will note, the reviews by the readers are favorable.

      I look forward to a renewed and fruitful author/publisher relationship with you.

      Thank you

      Very kind regards

      Bonnie Dilger

    • Victoria Strauss

      It’s America Star Books. Have a look at my post; there’s a link to it there.

      I highly doubt that there’s been any change of ownership or staff. Meiners and Clopper owned PublishAmerica. Now they own America Star Books. It’s a name change, nothing more, probably done as an attempt to escape PublishAmerica’s extremely negative online profile.

    • Just recieved a e-mail from Phil—-said that Star Book America at 208 crestview dr is Alice and Willem Meiners residence they live there—they plus Clopper are the new owners,So my question is —is it American Star Books or Star Book America ? plus how can they be calling authors promoting a books sale and infering to the public that this new company what ever its name is—has bought out Publish America.

    • You can contact Mike at this email—–

      Received a phone call this afternoon from Star Bucks America. The female on the phone explained that they had bought out PA and wanted to know if I wanted to order copies of my books. Yes according to them I wrote two books with PA. I corrected her. I also told her as far as I knew our contract was terminated. She said she had no record of that. Did PA just change their name to another company to hide the past? Their records are obviously incorrect. I did not write two books. What’s going on? Do you know?

    • Victoria Strauss

      I think your friend must have mis-heard. PublishAmerica is now America Star Books. It’s really just a name change (the new America Star website is registered to PublishAmerica founder Willem Meiners) but they seem to be trying to convince people that there was a buyout and it’s now a new company.

      I think what’s happening here is that the new PA–as America Star Books–is leveraging the name change to (what else is new) get authors to buy their own books–but underneath it all it’s still the old PA, so its recordkeeping sucks. Hence the phone solicitation of an author who is no longer with PA.

      I’d love to hear from your friend, if you’d give him my contact information: beware [at] All information shared with Writer Beware is held in confidence.

    • One of my author friends today received a phone call from a company called Starbucks America–they said they had bought out Publish America and wanted to know if wanted to order some of his two books—Mike advised them his contracted was canceled with PA and he never had two books under contract. She said she was not aware of that–Do you know what is going on ???? I am trying to get the phone number at this time , there is nothing on the net about this.I called star bucks corp headquarters and they have no clue except to say P A is not in there computer system and they do not go by Starbucks America.

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