Garden 2014, Early October

The garden is almost done for the year, but there’s still plenty of bloom to enjoy, as long as the frost holds off. This year has been one of the best garden years ever, with moderate temperatures and plenty of rain.


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    2 comments to Garden 2014, Early October

    • Victoria Strauss

      Thanks for the compliment, Chloe! The big leaves you asked about are those of hosta ‘Sun Power’. It’s huge, and, true to its name, can take a fair amount of sun across the day–the more sun, the more golden the leaves are. In full shade, it’s a light chartreuse.

    • Hello, Victoria!

      That’s an amazing garden!! Wow, I’m envious right now. :) Say, what are the big leaves on the 10th picture?

      Thank you kindly!

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