Garden, Mid-November 2014: The Colors of Fall

Usually the garden is destroyed by frost by this time, but we’ve had an unusually long, slow fall, so there’s still quite a lot of lovely color to be seen, especially with my gorgeous Japanese maples. We’re expecting hard frosts over the next few days, though, so this is really the last gasp before everything goes to sleep for another year.

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    • Victoria Strauss

      Kathleen–I usually tag the photos, but apparently I forgot this time. Here you go:

      Photos 1-4: various Japanese maples
      Photo 5: Japanese forest grass (Hakonechloa ‘All Gold’) with an unnamed fern
      Photo 6: ‘Heavy Metal’ switchgrass with an unnamed hellebore
      Photo 7: Another variety of Japanese forest grass–the name is escaping me right now
      Photo 8: Geranium ‘Rozanne’
      Photo 9 (the one you asked about): Yet more Japanese forest grass (Hakonechloa ‘Aureola’) with a ‘Quick Fire’ hydrangea in the foreground
      Photo 10: Callicarpa ‘Early Amethyst’
      Photo 11: Yet more Japanese forest grass (‘Aureola’ again).

    • Kathleen

      That looks lovely, but what are the plants? Particularly, the last one to the right of the third row is a plant I’ve seen in a nearby park holding on through December long after surrounding plants have died. I thought it might be a wild weedy shrub of some sort, but it’s obviously hardy,evergreen, and pretty — a desirable combination for late fall color!

    • Victoria Strauss

      I read about those snowstorms. I’m glad I don’t live farther north!

    • Thanks for the cheery color show! Buried in two feet of snow in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

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